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Parents and guardians can register their children for camp by contacting Camp Fitch

What to bring

High-end, well-maintained equipment is available for all campers to use, however campers may want to bring their own computers if one is available. Campers using their own computers are better equipped to continue working on their projects once they get home and will be more comfortable while working as their equipment is familiar.

Camp Fitch maintains a list of items to bring to camp within the Parent Info & Forms PDF. Despite this list indicating a camper should not bring any electronic devices, a laptop or desktop computer is permitted for our campers. Any personal equipment is stored securely in the computer center at all times.

Contact Us

If you have questions about camp, we would love to hear from you! You may e-mail at or call Camp Fitch at 877-TO-FITCH (877-863-4824), we are more than happy to tell you more about camp and answer any questions you might have.