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Computer Games

Every night after dinner campers can play games on our LAN against each other in one of our many tournaments or cooperatively against the computer or to solve puzzles together. A selection of the games campers play during game time:

  • Strategy games: Starcraft, Command and Conquer, and Age of Empires
  • Role playing/World building: Diablo, Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnight
  • First person: Quake, Unreal Trounament, Counterstrike, Team Fortress
  • Bring your own and challenge a new friend!

Additionally, campers can continue working on their projects or use their new skills to build and program one of our many robots.

Game Time

Board Games and Robots

Game time is also a great time to challenge a friend to a card game or match-wits in a board game:

  • Board games: Scattergories, Settlers of Catan, Taboo, Guestures
  • Card games: Magic the Gathering, Dominion
  • Roll playing games: Dungeons and Dragons

Campers can also continue working on their projects or use their new skills to build and program one of our many robots.

Camp Activities

Loads of traditional summer camp activities await campers at Camp Fitch Tech Focus Because we are part of YMCA Camp Fitch, campers can look forward to many traditional activities to compliment their computer instruction:


  • Swimming, diving, and water polo, and swim lessons in our pool
  • Swimming, kayaking, fishing, funbugging, and canoeing in lake MVIMA
  • Swimming, riding the Banana Boat, water skiing, kayaking, trampoline jumping, and sailing in Lake Erie

Sports and Field Games

  • Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Capture the Flag, golf, dodge-ball, and more in our many fields
  • Baseball and kickball on our baseball diamond and batting practice at our in our batting cage
  • Volley ball on our beach volley ball court and basket ball on our two basket ball courts
  • Gaga in our Gaga pit
  • Rocking climbing both outdoor on our huge rock-wall-tower, or indoor on a rainy day

Explore the out doors

  • Explore nature inside our nature center or hiking in the forest or the creek
  • Horseback trial rides or lessons
  • Campfire songs and S'mores

And many others

  • Paintball in our five-acre trail system
  • Carpet ball on one of our many carpet ball tables
  • Countless crafts throughout camp and in the Craft Lodge
  • Weapon safety, target practice, and lessons with BB guns, rifles, and archery